Affordable work spaces at a large historic and inspiring factory will help to create an innovation enabling nexus. The space serves for entrepreneurial individuals as well as for a broad range of institutions from industry, science, research, arts, education and the creative economy sector.

Because every human being has the potential to be a smart creative, we will facilitate club like spaces for anyone who wants to develop and test audacious ideas. Those community powered places will also serve as central hot spots to meet and join others to realize opportunities.


Over the course of almost two years we researched all available real estate, analyzed and explored more than 50 locations within the Dresden area. Among the few properties with positive parameters we've currently selected a big old factory in a developed small industrial zoning that is right in between two residential neighborhoods crowded with students and young families. The factory that will provide uniquely inspiring and affordable work spaces is close to the city center with all its planed new housing developments. Also it is within walking distance to the main railway station, the University of Dresden and many of the high profile research institutions. We are working through technical and organizational aspects in order to develop a feasible starting point inside that space.


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