It once started as a tiny element within our planing for a new type of campus work space. Now it turns out to be the first small step to realize our ambitious plans.


How to work while your kids play

We've thought about how the future of working parents could be improved by orders of magnitude. Our knowledge and understanding of co-working and work space transformation helped us to plan for a space where parents could work productively - with their kids playing together with other kids in line of sight. We will talk about this in more detail once we're able to build this kind of space.

The pivot - kids first

Thinking about work, we started looking closely at playing. Creative play and experimentation is what the future of work will look like for many people. Once we help parents to empower their kids to play longer and more engaging, life and work will be much easier and inspiring. Why don't we start with an amazing indoor playground then? So we thought about how to create a uniquely new experience that solves many objectives at once.


Let’s play together, so we can work together. Let’s share the most exiting and educationally useful toys like we share cars nowadays. Let’s hangout with friends and never get an expensive restaurant bill, but happy kids playing nearby.

Build the real play store where you can actually play with everything. Remove all the toy store pain by helping people to buy nothing - or less but better stuff. No more sealed little boxes that your kids will ignore a day later.


Buntewelt prototype location

Instead of waiting until a perfect location would be ready for use, we set up everything to work as a pop-up concept. Our prototype location is an interactive kids toy museum, an indoor playground, a shared lounge, an event space and much more at once. It will change over time depending on how our users utilize the platform we provide.

Check out the Buntewelt website for the status of the product.


A Buntewelt location in every city

We do need some time to verify a lot of assumptions empirically. We will also move the prototype a few times to get a better understanding of what's important.

Once we have reason to believe that the platform product and the business opportunity make sense, rapid scaling to many more cities is a very basic ambition we have.


goals achived


Interested to learn more about how we like to scale? Just drop your contact details and association here and we will get in touch with you as soon as we have news to share.


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